5 Things To Do In Fresno, California

Located in the heart of California, Fresno is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. With a rich cultural heritage, unique attractions, and captivating natural beauty, it offers something for everyone. In this article, we will dive into five must-visit spots that truly capture the essence of Fresno.

1. Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Start your journey in Fresno with a visit to the well-loved Fresno Chaffee Zoo. Engage with wildlife in a way you haven’t before, as this zoo is home to over 190 species, many of which are part of various conservation projects. This zoo offers a fantastic learning experience both for the kids and the kids at heart. Don’t miss out on the African Adventure, where you can witness a pride of lions or a group of cheetahs in action. To make your visit more memorable, be sure to take a ride on the Wilderness Falls train, giving you a panoramic view of the entire park.

2. Forestiere Underground Gardens

Next, step into a wonder beneath the ground at the Forestiere Underground Gardens. This labyrinth of tunnels and rooms was hand-dug by Sicilian immigrant, Baldasare Forestiere, over a period of 40 years. Inspired by the ancient catacombs, Forestiere created a veritable subterranean oasis filled with fruit-bearing trees and vines, all thriving below the surface. Walking through this extensive network of cellars, passageways, and grottoes feels like stepping into a fascinating blend of history, architecture, and horticulture.

3. Chukchansi Park

For sports fanatics, a stop at Chukchansi Park should be on the cards. Home to the Fresno Grizzlies, the triple-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies, the park offers thrilling baseball games in a beautiful setting. But baseball isn’t the only thing on the agenda. The park also hosts concerts, festivals, and other entertainment events throughout the year. And, even if there’s no game on, the stunning views of downtown Fresno and the Sierra Nevada mountains make a visit to this park more than worthwhile.

4. Fresno Art Museum

No visit to Fresno would be complete without immersing yourself in the local art scene. The Fresno Art Museum, founded in 1940, offers eclectic collections of contemporary and modern art, Mexican and Mexican-American art, and sculpture. With rotating exhibitions showcasing both local and international artists, there is always something new to discover. The museum is also committed to arts education, hosting various programs and workshops for adults and children alike. The Fresno Art Museum truly makes art accessible to all, and is a not-to-be-missed attraction in the city.

5. Fresno County Blossom Trail

Last but certainly not least, make sure to explore the Fresno County Blossom Trail. This self-guided motor or bicycle tour lets visitors experience Fresno County’s agriculture at its most vibrant, when over 60 miles of orchards come alive with color in the spring. Almond, plum, apricot, apple, and citrus trees all bloom in a spectacular display of color against the backdrop of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada. Besides the scenic beauty, the trail offers ample opportunities for farm visits, pick-your-own experiences, and wine tasting. Just remember to check the blossom status before hitting the road, as the peak bloom period varies each year.

Fresno, often overlooked in favor of its more famous Californian counterparts, is a city brimming with unique attractions. From an engaging zoo and a marvel of underground architecture to a vibrant art scene and picture-perfect landscapes, Fresno is sure to offer a memorable experience for every visitor. So why wait? Start planning your trip to Fresno now and discover the hidden gem of California.