5 Things To Do In Willits, California

Located in the heart of Mendocino County, Willits, California, boasts a unique blend of natural beauty, small-town charm, and a diverse array of attractions. If you’re wondering where to start in this hidden gem of the Golden State, here are five must-visit spots that offer a taste of Willits‘ distinct character.

1. Unearth Mysteries at Earths Treasures

Begin your Willits adventure at Earths Treasures, a treasure trove of rare gems, minerals, fossils, and Native American artifacts. Explore the fascinating world of geology, paleontology, and anthropology in one unique setting. Each item in the store is a story waiting to be told, tracing the history and diversity of our planet. Gaze at sparkling amethyst geodes, touch the rough surface of trilobite fossils, or marvel at the intricate beadwork of Native American art. Earths Treasures is a testament to the imaginative curiosity and investigative spirit that are the hallmarks of exploration and discovery.

2. Immerse Yourself in Literature at The Book Juggler

Next, step into the literary world of The Book Juggler, a must-visit for all book lovers. Nestled in the heart of downtown Willits, this independent bookstore boasts an eclectic mix of new and used books, comics, vinyl records, games, and more. Lose yourself among the crowded bookshelves and discover hidden literary gems, from classic novels to contemporary works, graphic novels to poetry. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to help navigate the store’s extensive inventory, making The Book Juggler an oasis of literary exploration for readers of all ages and interests.

3. Step Back in Time at the Mendocino County Museum

Your third stop should be the Mendocino County Museum, a celebration of the rich history and diverse culture of Mendocino County. From early Native American history, through the logging and railroad eras, to the present day, the museum’s exhibits tell the stories of the people who shaped the county. Artifacts, photographs, and personal testimonies bring these histories to life, creating a vivid tapestry of the past. Visit the interactive vintage railroad exhibit, or explore the vintage car collection. Every exhibit tells a story, making the Mendocino County Museum a fascinating journey through time.

4. Shop Unique & Local at MAZAHAR

Fourth on your list should be MAZAHAR, a charming boutique offering a blend of local and international goods. This welcoming space showcases handcrafted jewelry, clothing, accessories, and home decor, with a particular focus on fair trade and handmade items. From stunning silk scarves sourced from international artisans, to locally made ceramics and jewelry, every item at MAZAHAR tells a unique story of craft and creativity. This engaging local business is a testament to the vibrant artistic community in Willits and offers a shopping experience like no other.

5. Delight in Whimsy at the Willits Enchanted Toy Shoppe

Finally, end your Willits exploration at the Willits Enchanted Toy Shoppe. With its unique selection of toys, games, and crafts, this shop aims to inspire the imagination and nurture the spirit of play in children of all ages. Delve into the shelves stocked with wooden toys, educational games, art supplies, and whimsical craft kits, each encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and tactile exploration. The shop’s enchanting ambience extends beyond toys, with its lively colors, welcoming atmosphere, and friendly staff. A visit to the Willits Enchanted Toy Shoppe is a delightful conclusion to your Willits adventure, leaving you and your family with wonderful memories and maybe even a cherished toy to take home.

While these are just the beginning of what Willits has to offer, each stop hints at the distinctive blend of history, culture, creativity, and natural beauty that makes this California town a destination worth exploring. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just discovering Willits, each of these places promises an unforgettable experience.