5 Things To Do In Whittier, California

Welcome to the vibrant city of Whittier, a Southern California utopia brimming with great eateries, a stunning landscape, and rich history. Here we have compiled a list of five must-visit spots that you should not miss while in Whittier.

1. Hellman Park Trailhead

This is the ultimate destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The Hellman Park Trailhead offers the perfect blend of adventure and scenic beauty. Whether you’re an avid hiker or a beginner, this trail promises an experience like no other. With the well-marked trails, you can easily navigate through the canyons, and the uphill trek will lead you to a view that’s worth the sweat. Overlooking the city from the top, surrounded by the natural landscape, the sight is incredible. Wildlife sightings are frequent along the way, making your hike even more exciting.

2. Starlight Whittier Village Cinemas

For movie buffs and family outings alike, the Starlight Whittier Village Cinemas is the go-to spot. This cinema house is known for its comfortable seating, quality sound system, and diverse movie selection. It is not just about watching a film; it’s about the immersive experience that takes you into the world of storytelling. With its retro design, this cinema also offers a nostalgic yet high-quality film experience that sets it apart from mainstream multiplexes. It’s an essential part of Whittier and a great way to wind down after a day of sightseeing and exploring. So grab your popcorn and enjoy a movie night at the Starlight Whittier Village Cinemas.

3. Pio Pico State Historic Park

Immerse yourself in California’s rich historical essence at Pio Pico State Historic Park. Home to the adobe home of Pio Pico, the last Mexican governor of Alta California, this park holds a significant place in the history of California. The mansion, adorned with 19th-century artifacts, tells the story of Pico’s life and the transformation of California from Mexican rule to statehood. The lush grounds are perfect for picnicking, and the guided tours are highly informative. A visit to the Pio Pico State Historic Park gives you a unique glimpse into a crucial chapter of California’s past.

4. King Richard’s Antique Vintage Center

Anyone with an appreciation for antiques and vintage items will find King Richard’s Antique Vintage Center a wonderland. This is the place where history meets art, and every item has a story to tell. Housed in a former citrus packing house, it is California’s largest antique and vintage center. Here you can spend hours exploring, whether you are looking for vintage clothing, vinyl records, antique furniture, or unique curios. This place holds treasures from different eras, waiting to be discovered. A trip to King Richard’s Antique Vintage Center is like stepping back in time, promising a fun-filled and insightful journey.

5. Whittier Art Gallery

Last but not least, no trip to Whittier is complete without visiting the Whittier Art Gallery. This non-profit gallery is a hub of creativity, showcasing the work of local artists. With a variety of styles and mediums, there is something to inspire everyone. The gallery hosts regular exhibitions, workshops, and art discussions. A visit to the Whittier Art Gallery is a chance not just to appreciate art but also to engage with the vibrant local community. This gallery is not just a gallery; it is a testament to Whittier’s thriving artistic spirit.

A trip to Whittier, California, promises a blend of natural beauty, historical significance, creative inspiration, and entertaining venues. Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, movie enthusiast, art lover, or antique collector, the city of Whittier offers something for you. So pack your bags and let the adventure begin!