5 Things To Do In Vacaville, California

When it comes to picturesque landscapes, rich history, and diverse recreational activities, Vacaville, California, is a must-visit destination. Located in Solano County, nestled between Sacramento and San Francisco, Vacaville is more than just a pit-stop on your journey. It’s a destination offering delightful experiences for all ages. Here are five places that you should not miss when you visit Vacaville.

1. Nut Tree Plaza

Originating as a roadside fruit stand in the 1920s, Nut Tree Plaza has blossomed into a beloved family-friendly destination. Despite its evolution over the years, it still maintains its charming heritage, complemented by modern amenities. The Nut Tree Plaza is a true Vacaville hall-of-famer, offering something for everyone. Enjoy an alfresco dinner at one of the family-friendly restaurants or indulge in some retail therapy at the boutique stores. For the young ones, the Plaza features an interactive play area with a mini train ride. No visit to Vacaville would be complete without stopping by Nut Tree Plaza.

2. Vacaville Premium Outlets

For the shopping enthusiasts, Vacaville Premium Outlets is your paradise. A shopping center with over 120 stores, it brings high-end fashion brands, home decor, accessories, and more, all at discount prices. Brands like Michael Kors, Nike, Banana Republic and more await. But shopping isn’t the only activity to look forward to at the Outlets. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and punctuated with relaxing sitting areas, the Outlet provides a serene setting for a casual stroll. After a fulfilling shopping spree, you can relax and rejuvenate in one of the many eateries featuring a range of cuisines.

3. Andrews Park

If you want to take a detour from urban life and delve into nature, Andrews Park offers the perfect backdrop. Located in Downtown Vacaville, the Park is a scenic getaway, offering ample recreational activities. You can take a relaxing stroll, embark on a leisurely bike ride, enjoy picnicking, or just lie down on the lush green grass and enjoy the California sun. In addition, the park frequently hosts local events and music festivals, adding to the vibrant community spirit of Vacaville.

4. Brenden Theatres Vacaville 16

For movie buffs, Brenden Theatres Vacaville 16 is an ultimate entertainment destination. Offering state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse range of cinematic choices, Brenden Theatres takes the movie-watching experience to the next level. Whether you’re in the mood for a Hollywood blockbuster or an independent film, Brenden Theatres has you covered. Enjoy the high-quality images and sound systems, comfortable seating, and an array of snacks to satisfy your cravings during a movie.

5. Vacaville Ice Sports

Finally, the Vacaville Ice Sports provides a unique recreational option. This indoor ice skating rink is an exciting destination, regardless of the Californian temperatures outside. Whether you’re an expert ice skater or a beginner, Vacaville Ice Sports has you covered. They offer various programs, including public skate sessions, hockey leagues, figure skating, and skating classes for all ages. It is the perfect venue to have some fun, get some exercise, and maybe even find a new passion!

From shopping extravaganza and scenic parks to exciting movie theatres and the thrilling ice skating rink, Vacaville, California, proves to be a city of diverse attractions. Each attraction promises a unique experience, making Vacaville a truly splendid destination for every traveler. Be sure to explore these attractions on your visit and make the most of your journey to Vacaville!