5 Things To Do In Santa Ana, California

Santa Ana, the second most populous city in Orange County, California, is a vibrant hub of history, culture and entertainment. With a variety of attractions catering to all interests and ages, this city never fails to amaze its visitors. Here are five must-visit places in Santa Ana that will ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

1. Bowers Museum

A visit to Santa Ana would be incomplete without a trip to the Bowers Museum. Established in 1936, the museum is one of California’s finest and most diverse cultural centers. Its exhibits showcase an array of global artifacts from Africa, Asia, South Pacific, America and many other regions.

The museum hosts more than 100,000 objects including Native American art, Pre-Columbian artifacts and Asian treasures. The museum also features rotating exhibits that cover a broad range of topics from fashion design to ancient civilizations. Children can explore the Kidseum – an interactive children’s museum with hands-on exhibits designed to encourage learning through play.

2. Santa Ana Zoo

If you’re an animal lover or travelling with kids, make sure you stop by the Santa Ana Zoo. Home to over 260 animals from around 80 different species including monkeys, birds and mammals like camels and anteaters. This zoo also boasts one of the largest collections of monkeys and primates in the United States.

The Santa Ana Zoo offers much more than just animal sightings though; there are plenty of other activities like train rides around the park or exploration at Amazon’s Edge – a habitat designed as a South American rainforest! There’s even a Children’s Zoo where young ones can get up close with farm animals and learn about their lifestyles.

3. Heritage Museum of Orange County

For history enthusiasts or those interested in understanding more about local culture and heritage – Heritage Museum of Orange County is your destination. This open-air museum is spread over 12 acres featuring historic buildings including a Victorian home known as Kellogg House which was built back in 1898!

The Heritage Museum provides an opportunity for visitors to travel back in time while exploring vintage structures like blacksmith shops and barns amongst beautiful gardens filled with native plants. Regular events such as Victorian Christmas offer immersive experiences into past times making it an interesting place for all age groups.

4. Picture Show at MainPlace Mall

If you’re looking for some indoor fun or wish to unwind after a day full of sightseeing – head straight towards Picture Show at MainPlace Mall. This cinema complex offers state-of-the-art screening rooms showcasing both new releases as well as classic films.

Apart from movies, this venue offers comfy seating arrangements along with top-notch audio-visual systems ensuring every viewer gets an exceptional movie-watching experience! So grab your popcorn bucket and enjoy your favorite flick here!

5. Lyon Air Museum

Last but not least on our list is Lyon Air Museum, especially if you’re fascinated by aviation history or World War II artifacts. Located on the west side of John Wayne Airport this museum houses several vintage aircrafts like Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress “Fuddy Duddy” or Douglas DC-3 “Flagship Orange County”. It also showcases classic cars such as Duesenberg Model J Convertible Sedan amongst other historical vehicles.

In addition to its impressive collection it hosts regular events featuring guest speakers who share their personal experiences related to aviation history which makes it not only informative but also emotionally touching at times.

In conclusion, whether you’re into history & culture or nature & entertainment – Santa Ana has something for everyone! So pack your bags and embark on this memorable journey exploring what this amazing city has got to offer!