5 Things To Do In Ridgecrest, California

Ridgecrest, California, nestled in the Indian Wells Valley within the Mojave Desert, is a hidden treasure trove of adventure, culture, and delectable cuisine. Here’s a rundown of the top five things to do in Ridgecrest California.

1. Casa Corona

Located in the heart of Ridgecrest, Casa Corona is a gem of traditional Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is known for its warm, inviting atmosphere, and of course, its authentic food that transports you straight to Mexico. Its dishes are a delightful representation of the rich Mexican culture, from the hearty enchiladas to mouthwatering tacos, combined with a wide range of exquisite tequilas and margaritas. Casa Corona thrills its customers with live music on weekends, turning an ordinary dinner into something extraordinary. Whether you’re a fan of Mexican food or looking to try something new, Casa Corona is a must-visit.

2. Petroglyph Park

Next on our list is a dive into the depth of history and art, Petroglyph Park. This outdoor museum showcases an impressive collection of petroglyphs that date back thousands of years, created by indigenous tribes of the region. The park is a tranquil place, perfect for a reflective walk whilst immersing oneself in the rich tapestry of Native American history. As you walk around, you’ll encounter informational plaques that provide insights into these remarkable pieces of art and their creators. Visiting Petroglyph Park is like stepping back in time, one that unforgettable chapter in any visit to Ridgecrest.

3. Red Rock Books

For book lovers, a visit to Red Rock Books is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a summer day. This local independent bookstore is brimming with an extensive collection of books catering to all interests, ranging from popular fiction, non-fiction, to an impressive section of local authors and history. Beyond the books, you’ll find a comfortable reading area to sample a chapter or two before buying, and a dedicated children’s section that promises to ignite young imaginations. The bookstore also hosts regular events like book signings and reading sessions that bring the local literary community together. A relaxing afternoon at Red Rock Books is an ideal escape from a frenzied travel schedule.

4. Maturango Museum

Next on our itinerary is the Maturango Museum. This cultural and historical hub offers a comprehensive glimpse into the local history, geology and wildlife of the Indian Wells Valley and the Mojave Desert. The museum showcases Native American artifacts, historical photographs, and a variety of natural history exhibits. It also offers guided tours of local petroglyph sites, providing an enriching perspective on the region’s indigenous folklore. The Maturango Museum is not just a museum; it’s an engaging journey into the heart of Ridgecrest’s rich history and natural splendors.

5. Furys Sports Bar

Capping this amazing tour of Ridgecrest is the vibrant Furys Sports Bar. It’s the place to be for sports aficionados who enjoy a good game on large screens while savoring tasty food and a variety of drinks. Being the local hot spot, Furys offers a lively atmosphere, friendly service, and a memorable evening of fun. Hold friendly pool competitions or simply enjoy good music in the company of friendly locals. A fantastic way to wrap up the day, Furys Sports Bar stands as an embodiment of Ridgecrest’s lively nightlife.

Whether you’re drawn in by the mouthwatering cuisine, enamored by the rich culture and history, or looking for an unforgettable night of fun, Ridgecrest, California has something for everyone. So pack up and get ready to explore the gem that is Ridgecrest!