5 Things To Do In Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Flanked by the sweeping vistas of the Santa Ana Mountains, Rancho Santa Margarita, California, embodies the quintessential charm of a small town blended with the easy access to a broad array of activities. Here are five things to do when you’re in this scenic corner of the Golden State.

1. Tee Off at Tijeras Creek Golf Club

For the golf enthusiasts, a visit to the Tijeras Creek Golf Club is more than a mere round of golf. Nestled amidst rolling hills, the club boasts a unique layout that starts with a wide-open front nine with breathtaking vistas and ends with its challenging back nine, each offering a different golfing experience. Meandering through the scenic foothills, Tijeras Creek Golf Club offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and golfing excitement. Visitors can also take advantage of the club’s pro shop and dining facilities, making a day at Tijeras Creek more than just a game—it’s an experience.

2. Discover Local Spirits at Great American Craft Spirits

Delight your palate with a visit to Great American Craft Spirits. This top-notch distillery offers a captivating demonstration of the artisanal process of distilling spirits. Sample a compelling variety of bourbons, gins, vodkas, and other spirits, each adding a unique flavor to your trip. Savor the depth of hand-crafted spirits, made using local ingredients and produced in small batches, ensuring a unique taste that reflects the care and passion infused into every bottle.

3. Get Fit at CrossFit Reform

Looking to keep up with your fitness routine during your visit? CrossFit Reform is the place for you. With a spacious facility equipped with top-of-the-line CrossFit equipment, you can challenge yourself with varied, high-intensity workouts under the expert guidance of experienced coaches. Whether you’re a seasoned CrossFitter or a beginner looking to start your fitness journey, CrossFit Reform provides a supportive, community-driven environment to achieve your fitness goals.

4. Explore the City on Pedego Electric Bikes

Experience Rancho Santa Margarita on two wheels with Pedego Electric Bikes. This unique mode of transport allows you to cover more ground while indulging in the natural beauty the area has to offer. With a fleet of electric bikes at your disposal, you can cruise along the city’s bike trails, explore local parks or ride around the serene RSM lake. Not only does this offer a fun and eco-friendly way to get around, but it also provides a unique perspective of the city’s charm.

5. Relax by the RSM Lake

Last but not least, unwind by the tranquil waters of the RSM Lake. Whether you want to enjoy a picnic by the lake, engage in a leisurely stroll, or simply marvel at the serene waters against the backdrop of the majestic Santa Ana Mountains, the RSM lake is a sanctuary of calm in the city. The lake is also home to a variety of birds, making it a haven for birdwatchers.

From testing your golfing skills at Tijeras Creek Golf Club to savoring artisanal spirits at Great American Craft Spirits, keeping fit at CrossFit Reform, exploring the city on Pedego Electric Bikes, to relaxing at RSM Lake, there’s something for everyone in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience in this charming city nestled in the lap of nature.