5 Things To Do In Rancho Mirage, California

Located in the heart of Coachella Valley, Rancho Mirage, California provides a sunny retreat packed with fantastic attractions and activities to keep every traveler entertained. From family-friendly museums, indulgent spa experiences, to lush gardens and thrilling escape games, this city has something for everyone. Here are our top 5 activities to enjoy in this desert paradise.

1. Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage

Immerse yourself in a world of luxury, entertainment, and relaxation at the Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa. This award-winning resort is more than just a hotel – it’s a complete experience. The casino offers a myriad of gaming options, including slot machines, table games and live poker, so you can test your luck in a vibrant atmosphere. If you’re looking for tranquility, the spa at Agua Caliente is an oasis of relaxation. Offering a wide array of pampering services such as facials, massages, and body treatments, it’s the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate. The resort also boasts top-notch dining options that serve an array of cuisines to satisfy every palate. No visit to Rancho Mirage is complete without spending a day here.

2. The River at Rancho Mirage

A unique, open-air shopping experience awaits you at The River at Rancho Mirage. This beautiful shopping center is designed to emulate a river, complete with stunning water features and lush landscaping. The River is the Coachella Valley’s premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. You’ll find charming boutiques, well-known stores, and a diverse array of restaurants. Even beyond shopping and dining, The River offers a vibrant environment where you can simply stroll, enjoy the wonderful California weather, and relax to the soothing sounds of flowing water. It is also home to a premier cinema where you can catch the latest blockbusters after a day of shopping and dining.

3. Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert

Behind its doors, the houses over 80 hands-on exhibits designed to inspire and educate kids of all ages. They can explore physics principles at work, get creative with art, or try to solve mind-bending puzzles. This museum is all about interactive learning, sparking curiosity and fostering a love of knowledge in every child. Whether your children want to climb a rock wall, balance on a beam, or create a piece of art, this museum offers a safe and engaging environment that will surely ignite their imagination. It’s an excellent venue for a fun-filled family day out.

4. Escape Games at The River

Add some thrill to your visit with Escape Games at The River. This is not your ordinary game experience – here, you and your team are locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzles to find your way out, all within a set time limit. It’s a test of wits and teamwork, set in various themes for an immersive experience. From mystery and adventure rooms to horror and science fiction themes, these escape rooms are expertly designed to challenge you while providing heaps of fun. Whether you are a fan of escape games or a first-timer, this enthralling activity is a must-try.

5. Sunnylands Center & Gardens

End your journey through Rancho Mirage with a visit to Sunnylands Center & Gardens. Known as the “Camp David of the West,” Sunnylands has been the host to several historic meetings and events. The center is a beautiful architectural masterpiece that holds many historic and art exhibits, while the gardens offer a serene oasis that showcases desert plants and beautiful views. Guests can roam around the visitor center, explore the garden, or take a guided tour of the historic house. The combination of history, art, and nature makes Sunnylands a tranquil retreat and rounds off the multitude of experiences that Rancho Mirage has to offer.

So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the sunny city of Rancho Mirage, California. Whether you’re seeking adventure, tranquility, or a bit of both, this desert gem promises a memorable stay.