5 Things To Do In Placentia, California

Placentia, California, unlike its more prominent Californian siblings, is a charming city that offers unique, cultural, and exciting experiences. Here are five things you can’t miss once you visit Placentia:

1. Scooter’s Jungle of Placentia

The first stop on our list of unique experiences in Placentia is Scooter’s Jungle, a thrilling indoor playground that guarantees fun for the whole family. This tropical-themed paradise is filled with massive inflatable slides, bounce houses, an obstacle course, and an adult-friendly zipline. Scooter’s Jungle is an excellent destination to unwind and let your inner child free. You can even plan your kid’s birthday party or organize special events here. The staff is known for their friendly demeanor and willingness to help make your experience unforgettable.

2. The Bruery Tasting Room

Next up, we pay homage to the beer connoisseurs. The Bruery’s Tasting Room is a craft beer lover’s dream destination. It offers an extensive and exotic selecttion of craft beers that you can sample. Priding themselves on creativity and innovation, The Bruery produces dozens of original beers annually. From their quintessential Jardinier to the rich, smooth flavors of their Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stouts, there’s a brew for everyone. Their knowledgeable staff can guide you through their offerings and provide pairing suggestions. Remember, it’s all about the experience – so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ale.

3. Kelly’s Korner Tavern

For a taste of local nightlife, make your way to Kelly’s Korner Tavern. This local beloved hotspot offers a comprehensive selection of beers on tap, coupled with a relaxed atmosphere that invites folks to pull up a stool, order a pint, and mellow out. It’s not just about drinks though; the Tavern is known for its inviting social atmosphere which makes it the ideal spot to meet locals, strike up a conversation, and experience the town’s camaraderie. On game nights, the iconic jukebox and the crowd’s exhilarating energy create a vibrant, enjoyable atmosphere that’s second to none.

4. American Martial Arts Academy – Placentia / Yorba Linda Campus

For those looking to add discipline, strength, and a dash of traditional martial arts into their lives, the American Martial Arts Academy is the perfect spot. Offering courses for all ages, from adorable tiny tots to adults, this academy is known for its excellent instruction in a safe and respectful environment. It’s a great place to learn martial arts, get in shape, and brush up on your self-defense skills. The instructors are professional and friendly, ensuring that every student gets the proper guidance and attention.

5. Placentia Certified Farmers Market

The final item on our list brings us to the Placentia Certified Farmers Market. A true-blue outdoor bazaar that offers a splendid array of fresh produce straight from the farm. But the market is not just about fruits and vegetables; you can find honey, breads, cheeses, and even fresh-cut flowers! Local artisans often have stalls showcasing their crafts, making it a fantastic place to find unique, handcrafted gifts. It’s a great way to support local farmers and small businesses, and to experience the community spirit of Placentia.

And there you have it! Five fantastic, unique experiences to enjoy in Placentia, California. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these places provide the perfect balance of fun, culture, and community, making a trip to Placentia, California, a truly unforgettable experience.