5 Things To Do In Pacific Grove, California

Located on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula, Pacific Grove, California, offers a spectacular landscape where ocean meets forest. This picturesque haven blends small-town charm with stunning natural beauty. Here are five must-visit spots in Pacific Grove!

1. Lovers Point Park

Nestled next to the Pacific Ocean’s inviting blue waters, Lovers Point Park is the perfect spot for a peaceful day out. Its pristine sandy beaches and lush green lawns provide the perfect backdrop for picnics, sunbathing, or simply relaxing with a good book. The park is a local favorite for recreational activities, so you might fancy joining in on a game of beach volleyball or kick back and watch the surfers riding the waves. Plus, don’t miss sunrise or sunset here: The views are truly dreamlike.

2. Point Pinos Lighthouse (1855)

Standing as the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast, the Point Pinos Lighthouse (established in 1855) ranks high on the list of Pacific Grove’s historic attractions. The lighthouse offers panoramic ocean views, and visitors can explore its interior, which has been lovingly restored and turned into a museum that showcases its long standing history. Try to visit in the late afternoon, as the setting sun casts a beautiful glow on the lighthouse, providing a great photo opportunity.

3. Asilomar State Beach

In the mood for an invigorating coastal walk? Look no further than Asilomar State Beach! This one-mile stretch of sandy beach and rocky coves beckons nature-lovers and adventurers alike. Here, you can stroll along the boardwalk and soak up the beauty of the rugged coastline, populated by offshore kelp forests and fascinating rock formations. Bird watchers will be delighted by the great variety of marine birds, while tide pool enthusiasts can discover a myriad of sea creatures during low tide.

4. Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary is a magical experience. Every year (typically from October to February), the sanctuary becomes the winter home for thousands of Monarch butterflies. On sunny days, you’ll witness them fluttering around, their beautiful orange and black wings creating a stunning spectacle as they cluster on eucalyptus and pine trees. The sanctuary offers a tranquil and relaxing environment, allowing visitors to learn about these captivating creatures’ migration patterns and life cycle.

5. Pacific Grove Golf Links

Finally, for the golf enthusiasts out there, Pacific Grove Golf Links is a must-visit. This 18-hole golf course is fondly known as the ‘poor man’s Pebble Beach’, providing golfers with a world-class playing experience without the hefty price tag. But it’s not just about the golf; the course offers jaw-dropping views of the Pacific Ocean, the Point Pinos Lighthouse, and the Monterey Bay. It’s the perfect place to wrap up your journey through Pacific Grove, as you hit the links amidst the spectacular coastal landscape.

Whether you’re exploring the rich history of the Point Pinos Lighthouse, immersing yourself in natural beauty at Asilomar State Beach, marveling at the Monarch butterflies, or swinging clubs at Pacific Grove Golf Links, Pacific Grove, California, promises a memorable getaway filled with captivating experiences. So come ready to explore, relax, and fall in love with the charm of this stunning coastal city!