5 Things To Do In Orinda, California

Orinda, California, nestled in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, is a vibrant city with a plethora of attractions and activities that are sure to enchant visitors of all stripes. Here at this coveted California retreat, you can experience everything from historic landmarks and culinary excellence to professional theater and outdoor escapades. This article highlights five of the most fascinating places you must visit in Orinda, California.

1. Casa Orinda

Nothing says welcome to Orinda quite like a visit to Casa Orinda. Established in 1932, this historic establishment takes you back in time with its classic western ambiance. Boasting of being the oldest restaurant in the town, Casa Orinda is celebrated for its delicious, traditional American fare with a western twist. The menu is an assorted mix of classic fried chicken, juicy steaks, fresh seafood, and a variety of homemade pastas; enough to tempt the taste buds of any food enthusiast. The restaurant’s old-school charm, accentuated by unique antiques and vintage firearms, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect place for a cozy meal in Orinda.

2. Tilden Park Steam Train at the Redwood Valley Railway

For a dip into nostalgia, a ride on the Tilden Park Steam Train is a must. Operated by the Redwood Valley Railway, this miniature steam train ride meanders through a beautiful redwood forest, providing a whimsical experience for all ages. Complete with authentic whistles and bells, the train ride offers mesmerizing views of the East bay area and the golden-hued California sunset. The railway, teeming with history from the late 1800s, is a testament to the old-world charm of narrow gauge steam railroading. This enchanting excursion is indeed a delightful way to explore and appreciate nature’s beauty in Orinda.

3. California Shakespeare Theater

Art lovers, rejoice! The California Shakespeare Theater, affectionately known as Cal Shakes, is a cultural gem that promises an unforgettable theatrical experience. With a mission to reinvent classic plays with a modern touch, Cal Shakes has been entertaining audiences with their exceptional performances since 1974. Nestled in the Bruns Amphitheater amidst the scenic Orinda hillside, the theater provides a captivating outdoor setting for enjoying classical plays, contemporary works, and new creations under the stars. The spellbinding performances by talented artists, coupled with the breathtaking surroundings, offer a magical theater experience that should not be missed.

4. Orinda Country Club

For those seeking relaxation and recreation, the Orinda Country Club is the perfect destination. Established in 1924, the club provides a blend of sports facilities, social activities, and dining options for the entire family. Its stunning 18-hole golf course, nestled amongst rolling hills, offers a challenging and enjoyable experience for golf enthusiasts. The club also features tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a fitness center, ensuring a variety of recreational activities for everyone. With its tranquil ambiance and lush surroundings, the Orinda Country Club provides an idyllic haven for relaxation and leisure in Orinda.

5. Orinda Theatre

Last but not least, make sure to visit the iconic Orinda Theatre. This beautifully restored Art Deco theater is more than just a place to catch a movie; it’s a step back into the glamorous era of classic cinema. Built in 1941, the theater has managed to preserve its historic charm with its neon marquee, grand auditorium, and terrazzo floors, providing a unique vintage movie-going experience. In addition to showcasing a variety of films, the theater also hosts film festivals and special events, offering a vibrant cultural hub for the community. The Orinda Theatre is, without a doubt, a must-see landmark in Orinda.

From historical charm to culinary delights, nature excursions to arts and leisure, Orinda, California offers a wealth of experiences that are guaranteed to create lasting memories. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, these five attractions promise a unique and fascinating exploration of this delightful city. So, pack your bags and set forth on a memorable adventure to Orinda, California!