5 things To Do In Menlo Park, California

Are you planning a trip to Menlo Park, California and unsure of the activities to engage in? Here are five must-visit attractions in Menlo Park that offer a variety of experiences, from refreshing natural parks to fascinating bookstores.

1. Bedwell Bayfront Park

Kickstart your Menlo Park adventure with a visit to the Bedwell Bayfront Park. Nestled at the end of Marsh Road, this 160-acre park is an oasis of tranquility waiting to be discovered. This park provides an excellent scene for several outdoor activities. Whether you’re a fan of walking, hiking, or bird watching, Bedwell Bayfront Park offers the perfect setting. Enjoy the panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay area, dotted with countless species of migratory birds. The park is also a famous spot for kite flying, thanks to its regular gusty winds.

2. Kepler’s Books

For the bibliophiles, a trip to Menlo Park wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Kepler’s Books. Established in 1955, this independent bookstore has a rich historical backstory of being a symbol of intellectual freedom during the civil rights movement. Step inside and lose yourself in the labyrinth of bookshelves, piled high with books from various genres; there’s something for everyone at Kepler’s. The store also hosts regular events like author readings and book clubs, enriching your literary journey.

3. Allied Arts Guild

Take a walk off the beaten path and discover the Allied Arts Guild, an enchanting retreat that brims with artistic spirit. This historic site comprises beautiful gardens, art studios and shops. Relax in the serene gardens designed in Spanish Colonial style, or discover unique handcrafted items in the artisan shops. If you’re interested in art, you’ll be delighted by a variety of art studios showcasing the talents of many local artists. It’s an ideal place to soak up some culture and find one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

4. The Guild Theatre

After a day of outdoor adventures and artistic exploration, take a break and enjoy a movie at The Guild Theatre. Operated by the Landmark Theatres chain, The Guild Theatre is a single-screen cinema that specializes in independent and foreign films. This vintage theatre, with its Art Deco style, takes you back in time and offers a retro movie-going experience. Catching a film at The Guild Theatre is a relaxing way to end your day in Menlo Park.

5. Feldman’s Books

Before leaving Menlo Park, don’t miss the chance to visit Feldman’s Books, one of the oldest used bookstores in the San Francisco Bay Area. This quaint bookstore is a haven for book lovers and antiquarians alike. Stepping into the store, you’ll be greeted by floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with secondhand books in every genre you can think of. Every corner of Feldman’s Books tells a story, and you might find yourself leaving with a cherished rare book or two.

Menlo Park, California offers a rich array of attractions that cater to people with diverse interests. From nature enthusiasts to literature lovers, everyone can find something intriguing in this city. The Bedwell Bayfront Park, Kepler’s Books, Allied Arts Guild, The Guild Theatre, and Feldman’s Books are must-see places that will enrich your Menlo Park visit. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey.