5 Things To Do In Lafayette, California

Lafayette, nestled in California’s East Bay, is a charming suburban city that exudes a small-town vibe with a sophisticated twist. From mouth-watering dining options to locally brewed beer, organic farmhouses, and outdoor recreational activities, Lafayette offers an eclectic blend of experiences for both locals and visitors. Here are five essential things to do in Lafayette, California.

1. Savor Delectable Cuisine at Batch & Brine

Located in the heart of downtown Lafayette, Batch & Brine is an innovative craft kitchen and bar offering a culinary exploration of global flavors. This family-owned hotspot is renowned for its dedicated commitment to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and its mouthwatering menu, which spans everything from gourmet burgers and hand-cut fries to fresh salads and artisan sandwiches. Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious brunch, a casual lunch, or a familial dinner, Batch & Brine provides an unparalleled dining experience that is worth every bite.

2. Sample Craft Beers at Headlands Brewing

For beer enthusiasts, a visit to Headlands Brewing is a must. This local microbrewery prides itself on crafting unique, high-quality beers that are reflective of the Bay Area’s vibrant culture and distinctive microclimates. From well-balanced IPAs and robust stouts to refreshing pilsners and tart sours, Headlands Brewing offers an extensive selection of brews to satisfy all tastes. The brewery’s friendly and knowledgeable staff enhance the tasting experience, making it a delightful activity in Lafayette.

3. Enjoy a Relaxing Evening at the Lafayette Public House

Experience Lafayette’s vibrant nightlife at the Lafayette Public House—a destination where great food, live music, and an extensive selection of craft brews come together in perfect harmony. This locally loved gastropub draws a diverse crowd with its welcoming ambiance, top-rate entertainment, and hearty pub fare. From gourmet deviled eggs and fish tacos to prime rib sliders and sweet potato fries, the Lafayette Public House offers a gastronomic delight that complements its outstanding selection of beers, wines, and cocktails.

4. Explore the Lafayette Reservoir Recreation

If you’re seeking a nature escape, head to the Lafayette Reservoir Recreation Area. This beautiful oasis provides a multitude of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you prefer walking or running on scenic trails, fishing in the vast reservoir, picnicking amidst lush greenery, or boating under a vibrant sky—the Lafayette Reservoir Recreation Area offers something for everyone. Its serene environment also makes it a perfect spot for bird watching or simply relaxing with a good book.

5. Visit Hollie’s Homegrown


Experience farm living at Hollie’s Homegrown, an organic farm that specializes in growing aromatic herbs and delicious fruits. Visiting Hollie’s offers a unique opportunity to learn about sustainable farming practices while picking your own produce. From fresh basil, rosemary, and thyme to ripe raspberries, strawberries, and heirloom tomatoes, Hollie’s Homegrown provides a flavorful and wholesome experience. The farm also hosts workshops and events throughout the year, making it a fun and educational outing for all ages.

Lafayette, California, offers a wealth of activities that cater to diverse interests. From indulging in exquisite food and drink to immersing yourself in nature or getting hands-on with organic farming—there’s always something exciting to do in this vibrant city.