5 Things To Do In Fillmore, California

Unveiling its rustic charm and rich history, the small town of Fillmore in California is a hidden gem for travelers. From vintage railway journeys and fascinating museums, to boutique wineries and cutting-edge ecologically friendly housing concepts, Fillmore is sure to captivate your interest. When it comes to engaging and eclectic activities, Fillmore stands out with these five unique attractions.

1. Fillmore & Western Railway Co.

Step back in time and experience the bygone era of steam engines at the Fillmore & Western Railway Co. This company offers a unique opportunity to voyage through the scenic heritage valley on vintage train carriages. It’s not just a train ride, it’s a journey into history. Whether you opt for the adventure-packed Murder Mystery Dinner Train, the family-friendly Day Out With Thomas, or the romantic Weekend Scenic excursions, the Fillmore & Western Railway Co. ensures an unforgettable experience. You’ll witness the verdant citrus orchards, stunning valley landscapes, and historical movie sets that make this place famous among Hollywood filmmakers.

2. Fillmore Historical Museum

If you want to dive deeper into the city’s rich past, there’s no better place than the Fillmore Historical Museum. From ancient Chumash artifacts to recent agricultural developments, the museum holds a vast array of exhibits that reflect Fillmore’s vibrant history. This museum is actually a complex comprising of the 1887 Southern Pacific Depot, the 1906 Craftsman-Style Hinckley House, the 1919 Bunkhouse, and the 1929 Sespe School. In each of these structures, you can explore different aspects of Fillmore life including domestic, railway, educational, and farm worker history, offering a comprehensive understanding of the town’s diverse culture.

3. Giessinger Winery & Cidery

For wine and cider enthusiasts, a trip to Fillmore will be incomplete without a visit to the Giessinger Winery & Cidery. Owned by winemaker Ed Giessinger, this winery provides a warm, family-friendly environment that allows visitors to explore and appreciate the world of wines and ciders. Tasting sessions here are an educational experience, guiding you through the nuances of different grape varieties and cider blends. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious beginner, the knowledgeable and passionate staff at Giessinger will ensure that you walk away with enhanced appreciation for the craft. And don’t forget to buy a bottle of your favorite pick from their cellar before you leave!

4. ReGEN Haus

As one of the most innovative places to visit in Fillmore, ReGEN Haus showcases the future of sustainable and ecological living. This net-zero energy home prototype is designed to produce as much energy as it consumes, inspiring a new era of eco-friendly housing. You can visit this futuristic house and learn about the different sustainable technologies incorporated in its design like solar power, rainwater harvesting, and permaculture. The ReGEN Haus isn’t just about technology though; it’s also about community. Tours of the facility also include discussions on sustainable living practices, from organic farming to minimal waste practices.

5. Fillmore Skatepark

Last but not least, Fillmore Skatepark is a must-visit for adrenaline junkies and sporting enthusiasts. This fully equipped skatepark boasts a variety of ramps, bowls, and rails that cater to skaters of all levels. Featuring a unique blend of street and transition-based obstacles, the park allows skaters to practice and improve their skills in a supportive environment. Not only does the park promote physical health, but it also encourages community building, inclusivity, and personal development among its users.

These prime attractions make Fillmore a destination that blends the old with the new, the tranquil with the adventurous, and the natural with the engineered. Explore the city and fall in love with its unique charm and the multitude of experiences it offers.