5 Things To Do In El Segundo, California

El Segundo, California, is a hidden gem with its seaside charm and rich historical ties. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles County, this city offers an array of attractions for all tastes. From vintage automobiles to vibrant art galleries, classic music halls, adventurous indoor playgrounds, and unique distilleries, El Segundo promises a memorable experience. Here are five must-visit stops on your visit to this quaint town.

1. The Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum

A paradise for vintage car enthusiasts, The Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum offers an intriguing trip down the memory lane. With a rotating collection of over 130 classic cars, this museum celebrates the romance and innovation of the American automobiles industry. What sets it apart is the unique ‘Ride Program’ where visitors can take a ride in a select classic car every Sunday. A visit to this museum is not just about admiring the antique cars but also experiencing the pleasure of riding in one!

2. ESMoA

ESMoA is more than just an art gallery. This innovative art laboratory aims to spark creativity in every visitor. This intimate space is not arranged in traditional museum style but offers an immersive, experiential approach to art. The exhibits span across varied mediums, range from historic to contemporary pieces, and are shuffled regularly to inspire new thoughts and interpretations. ESMoA is a place where art, ideas, and people intermingle, offering a refreshing insight into the world of creativity.

3. Old Town Music Hall

If you’re a fan of vintage films and classic music, the Old Town Music Hall is the place for you. This iconic venue has been entertaining people since 1968 with its selection of silent films, sound films, and live concerts. These are accompanied by performances on the Mighty Wurlitzer, a massive theater pipe organ that perfectly captures the nostalgia of the golden era. A visit to Old Town Music Hall is like stepping back in time, offering you a delightful taste of early 1900s entertainment.

4. Scooter’s Jungle of El Segundo

A fun-filled spot for kids and adults alike, Scooter’s Jungle offers an active play experience in a safe, clean, and creative environment. With oversized, themed inflatables, zip lines, and slides, it serves as the ideal spot for Birthday parties, fundraisers, or simply a day of fun. Scooter’s Jungle goes beyond being just another indoor playground, as it encourages physical fun and promotes interaction among families – a perfect destination for a day filled with limitless fun!


R6 DISTILLERY is a testament to the spirit of El Segundo’s community. As a family-run business, this distillery invites visitors to experience handcrafted spirits that reflect the essence of Southern California. The setting is reminiscent of the Prohibition era, with an intimate speakeasy vibe. With a rich selection of whiskeys, bourbons, vodkas, and craft cocktails, R6 DISTILLERY offers a tour of the distilling process and a tasting of their finest spirits in their chic tasting room. It’s an experience that is sure to entice the tastebuds of any spirit enthusiast.

So there you have it, five captivating places in El Segundo, California. Each offers a unique and memorable experience. So when you plan your trip to El Segundo, make sure these spots are on your itinerary. You will return with a bag full of memories and a heart filled with joy.