5 Things To Do In Dublin, California

When one thinks of Dublin, the mind often unconsciously drifts to Ireland. However, nestled in the sprawling landscapes of Alameda County in the Golden State, is Dublin, California – a city that offers just as many delights. This hidden gem offers a variety of entertainment options sure to please every type of traveler. Here are 5 must-visit places in Dublin, California, that will turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience.

1. Regal Hacienda Crossings

First on the list is the Regal Hacienda Crossings. This all-encompassing entertainment complex is not just your average movie theater. Offering an enhanced cinematic experience, Regal Hacienda Crossings provides visitors with the chance to see everything from Hollywood releases to independent films. All of this is accompanied by superior sound and visuals, plush recliner seating, and delectable snacks. However, the theater is just one aspect of this exciting complex. Guests can explore a multitude of restaurants and retail outlets, turning an afternoon film into a full day of fun and excitement.

2. The Wave

In the heart of Dublin lies The Wave, an all-season water park that exudes fun and excitement. It’s not just about the water slides here (although, with slides named ‘Emerald Plunge’ and ‘Dublin Screamer’, there’s plenty of aquatic thrills to enjoy). The Wave also offers a natatorium for indoor swimming, a gym facility, and a variety of community and educational programs. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a swimmer, or someone who loves to lounge by the pool, The Wave has it all. The Wave is a beacon of aquatic entertainment and education in the city, making it a must-visit summer spot for locals and visitors alike.

3. Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl

Step into Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl for an authentic slice of Americana. A beloved local institution, this bowling alley offers more than just lanes for visitors to try their hand at strikes and spares. Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl is a great place to bond with family and friends, join a bowling league, or just hang out and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Don’t miss their cosmic bowling nights, where music, lighting and bowling combine for an unforgettable experience. Additionally, the on-site sports bar and grill serve up tasty treats to keep you fueled during your games.

4. Small Playground at Emerald Glen Park

If you’re looking for a fun-filled, outdoor family destination, look no further than the Small Playground at Emerald Glen Park. With lush green lawns, picnic areas, sports courts, and, of course, the playground itself, this spot offers fun for all ages. Children can enjoy the safe and well-designed equipment while adults can partake in a game of soccer or basketball. The playground’s close proximity to the Emerald Glen Park’s other amenities like the farmers market and the skate park, ensure that there is always something to do for everyone. This park truly is a green oasis amid the urban hustle of Dublin.

5. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Where else can you fly high and touch the sky, than at Sky Zone Trampoline Park? This innovative indoor park provides wall-to-wall trampoline courts that promise endless fun and excitement for both kids and adults. Whether you want to dive into the foam zone filled with soft foam cubes, play a high-energy game of Ultimate Dodgeball, or just bounce around, Sky Zone is the place to be. This trampoline park also offers fitness classes and group events, proving that fun and fitness can go hand in hand. No visit to Dublin, California, would be complete without a trip to this sky-defying spot.

From movie lovers to fitness enthusiasts, from water adventurers to those who appreciate an old-fashioned bowling night, and from families with young kids to adrenaline junkies, Dublin, California, has it all. These five destinations offer a taste of the varied, exciting, and unique experiences that this city has to offer. So, next time you’re in California, don’t just drive through Dublin – stop, explore, and immerse yourself in its delights.