5 Things To Do In Downey, California

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the beautiful city of Downey, California, you’ll no doubt be looking for ways to fill your day. Tucked away in southeast Los Angeles County, Downey has an impressive range of activities, dining and cultural experiences that you just can’t afford to miss. Here are five must-visit spots for your itinerary.

1. Cinemark Downey and XD

The first stop on our list is Cinemark Downey and XD, a multiplex movie theater offering the latest films in a high quality, immersive environment. Whether you’re a die-hard film buff or simply looking for a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, Cinemark Downey and XD is an excellent pick.

With its superior sound and projection technology, this isn’t your average movie theater. XD offers heightened experiences with wall-to-wall screens and custom sound to put you right into the action of the latest blockbusters. Pair this with super comfy reclining seats, and snack options far superior than traditional popcorn and soda, you’ve got the perfect movie going experience.

2. Downey Theatre

For those who prefer live performances, the historic Downey Theatre offers a range of cultural entertainment, from concerts to plays, dance performances to comedy shows. With its world-class acoustics and intimate seating, the Downey Theatre is a staple in the Downey community.

The theatre prides itself in bringing a diverse range of performances that cater to a variety of tastes. So, whether you’re into local productions, tribute bands, ballet or international folklore shows, there’s always something on the calendar that will pique your interest.

3. Del Rio Lanes

Next, let’s move on to the Del Rio Lanes, a premier bowling alley in Downey. It’s not just a bowling alley but also a hub for community and fun. This spot is perfect for a casual outing with friends, a kid’s birthday party or a competitive bowling league.

The Del Rio Lanes isn’t just bowling either; it also has a bar and grill, arcade games, and billiard tables. The atmosphere at Del Rio Lanes is energetic and vibrant, making it a great place to let loose and have a great time. Bowling has never been so fun!

4. Candeeland Kids Cafe

For those visiting Downey with kids, the Candeeland Kids Cafe is a must-go spot. It’s an indoor playground that offers endless fun in a safe and engaging environment. From slides, maze-like structures, and climbing areas, the Candeeland Kids Cafe is the perfect place to let your children explore and burn off some energy.

But the Candeeland Kids Cafe hasn’t forgotten about the parents. They have a cafe area that serves some delicious coffee and snacks where parents can relax and catch up with friends while keeping an eye on their little ones playing. It’s the perfect win-win situation for a family outing.

5. Mambo Grill Restaurant & Bar

Finally, no visit to Downey is complete without a visit to the Mambo Grill Restaurant & Bar. It is one of Downey’s most beloved dining spots, serving up authentic and delicious Cuban cuisine.

The Mambo Grill has a lively atmosphere and a menu filled with mouth-watering choices that range from traditional dishes like Ropa Vieja and Cubano sandwiches to delicious tropical cocktails. The warm and welcoming staff at the Mambo Grill make this restaurant a culinary gem in Downey.

To sum up, Downey, California, with its rich cultural attractions and variety of entertainment, it’s a wonderful vacation destination or a perfect day trip. These five locations embody the charm and variety Downey has to offer, providing entertainment, culture, enjoyment for the whole family, and some of the best Cuban cuisine in the state. Happy exploring!