5 Things To Do In Corning, California

Renowned as “the olive city,” Corning, California offers a unique blend of attractions that are sure to satisfy any traveler’s palette. From exploring olive groves to enjoying a game of bowling, here is your must-try list of activities in Corning CA.

1. Olive Pit

Begin your Corning tour with a visit to the Olive Pit. Tucked away in California’s fertile valley, this family-owned business has been delighting olive lovers since 1967. The Olive Pit offers an array of specialty olives, gourmet foods, and wines, and is the perfect place for a gastronomic adventure. Walk through the brimming aisles as you sample and discover new olive flavors, such as the garlic stuffed olives or the spicy jalapeno olives. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy an olive oil tasting or to grab a scrumptious sandwich from their cafe.

2. Java Lanes

Next, shift gears from olives and wine to bowling pins and lanes. Java Lanes is a popular entertainment spot in Corning, boasting state-of-the-art bowling lanes and a fun-filled atmosphere. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a competitive game or a novice who merely wants to knock some pins for fun, Java Lanes will not disappoint. It’s also equipped with a Cafe & Grill that serves tempting snacks, perfect for refueling your energy levels in between games. Don’t forget to check out their special events, including cosmic bowling nights.

3. American Olive Farmer, Home of Lucero Olive Oil

Continue your olive-themed journey at the American Olive Farmer, home of Lucero Olive Oil. Rolling olive groves surround this third-generation family farm, providing a picturesque backdrop for your visit. Take a tour to learn about the traditional methods of olive cultivation and the art of producing high-quality olive oil. From tree to bottle, you’ll gain an appreciation of the time and dedication that goes into every drop of Lucero Olive Oil. Make sure to pick up a bottle of their award-winning oil as a delicious memento of your trip.

4. Moonbeam Farm

Although Corning is famous for its olives, the city is home to a variety of other agricultural delights. Moonbeam Farm is an organic family farm that invites visitors to experience rural life first hand. Feed the farm animals, pick fresh fruits and vegetables, or simply savor the serene farm views. Their farm store offers natural products like handcrafted soaps and farm-fresh eggs. Their most unique offering, though, is their traditional farm-to-table brunch. You’ll feast on dishes made from produce grown right on the farm, providing a memorable and authentic farm-to-fork experience.

5. The Links at Rolling Hills

Last on your Corning itinerary, but certainly not least, is The Links at Rolling Hills. This beautiful golf course, set against the spectacular backdrop of golden Californian landscapes, provides a unique golfing experience. The meticulously maintained course appeals to golfers of all skill levels, featuring a challenging layout that tests your strategic thinking. After the match, head to the clubhouse to relish a cool beverage or a delicious meal at the restaurant, while enjoying breathtaking views of the course.

From the rich taste of olives and the thrill of a perfect strike to the serenity of a farm and the challenge of a golf game, Corning, California, has it all. This little gem of a city, nestled in the olive groves, promises a memorable travel experience packed with diverse activities and attractions.