5 Things To Do In Colton, California

Colton, California, a charming city nestled in the Inland Empire region, is a hidden gem brimming with exciting attractions and activities. From family-friendly fun parks to serene memorial parks, and from intriguing museums to scenic golf courses, there’s plenty to explore and enjoy. Here’s our pick of the top five things to do in Colton, California!

1. Swing a Club at the Colton Golf Course

Perfect your swing or learn a new hobby at the Colton Golf Course. Set amid the picturesque landscapes of Colton, this 18-hole, par 57, public golf course provides an excellent opportunity for seasoned and novice golfers alike. The course, known for its well-groomed fairways and greens, promises a relaxing yet challenging game. Whether you’re aiming for a hole-in-one or just hoping for a day away from the hustle-bustle, the Colton Golf Course is the place to be.

2. Experience Thrills at Fiesta Village Family Fun Park

For families and fun-seekers, a visit to Fiesta Village Family Fun Park is a must. This pulsating amusement park features a plethora of attractions, including a roller rink, mini-golf, go-karts, batting cages, and a waterpark. There’s something for everyone, making it the perfect spot to bond with family and friends. The park also offers a variety of food options to refuel and recharge before you dive back into the fun, making it a full-day excursion you won’t forget.

3. Explore History at the Colton Area Museum

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history and heritage of the region at the Colton Area Museum. Housing an extensive range of artifacts, historical documents, and photographs, this museum provides deep insights into the area’s past. Whether you’re interested in the Californian railroad history, Native American history, or local art and culture, this museum caters to a wide array of interests. A visit to the Colton Area Museum is not just informative, but an enlightening experience that broadens one’s perspective.

4. Taste the Local Brews at 3 Iron Brewing Co

If you’re a beer enthusiast or a casual drinker interested in sampling local flavors, the 3 Iron Brewing Co is a must-visit. At 3 Iron Brewing, you’ll taste some of the best locally brewed, handcrafted beers in a cozy, friendly setting. Besides their traditional styles, the brewers are not afraid to experiment, providing a unique twist to every brew. From their robust stouts to their crisp and refreshing ales, each sip promises a pleasing experience for your taste buds.

5. Find Peace at Montecito Memorial Park and Mortuary

End your exploration of Colton on a serene note at the Montecito Memorial Park and Mortuary. This peaceful park, with its beautiful landscapes, tranquil ponds, and meticulously cared-for gardens, serves as the resting place for many historic figures. While it may seem unusual to visit a memorial park, Montecito is a wonderful place to reflect and appreciate the beauty of nature. The park also hosts several community events throughout the year, promoting unity and togetherness.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, a deep-dive into history, a relaxed day on the greens, a taste of local brews, or a time of quiet reflection, Colton, California has something to suit every preference. So the next time you’re in the Inland Empire region, make sure to include Colton in your itinerary.