5 Things To Do In City Of Industry, California

Located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, the City of Industry is an industrial suburb of Los Angeles. Despite its name, this unique city extends far beyond its factories and warehouses. It offers a surprising collection of attractions and experiences for locals and tourists alike. Here’s a guide to the top five must-visit spots in the City of Industry.

1. Vineland Drive-In

If you’re a fan of retro vibes and nostalgia, then the Vineland Drive-In is an absolute must-visit. As one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in California, Vineland offers a unique movie-watching experience that transports you back in time to the golden age of Hollywood. With beautifully preserved, traditional drive-in features, Vineland screens latest blockbusters every night in an open-air setting. Visitors watch movies from the comfort of their vehicles, under the star-studded California sky, making it a perfect outing for a romantic date night or a fun family evening out.

2. Frank & Son Collectible Show

Calling all pop culture enthusiasts! The Frank & Son Collectible Show is a treasure trove for fans of all things collectible. Whether you’re a die-hard comic book fan, a passionate action figure collector, or simply looking for a unique souvenir, this convention-style warehouse has got something for everyone. Featuring over 200 vendors selling all kinds of memorabilia – from vintage toys and sports cards to authentic autographs and movie props – the Frank & Son Show is truly a paradise for collectors and bargain hunters alike.

3. Round1 Bowling & Amusement

Whether you’re looking to bowl a strike, show off your arcade gaming skills, or sing your heart out in karaoke, Round1 Bowling & Amusement is the place to be. This family-friendly entertainment complex combines classic fun with modern amenities. Round1 houses an extensive range of arcade games, bowling lanes, billiard tables, and karaoke rooms, promising endless fun for visitors of all ages. Don’t miss their special deals and events, which offer a great way to have fun on a budget.

4. Boomers Los Angeles

Boomers Los Angeles adds a dose of adrenaline and excitement to your visit to the City of Industry. This family amusement venue offers all kinds of attractions – from thrilling rides and adventurous miniature golf courses to action-packed batting cages and a state-of-the-art arcade. Kids will love the bumper boats and go-karts, while adults can test their driving skills on the exhilarating Formula 1 style race track. Whether you’re planning a fun day out with the family, or hosting a memorable birthday party, Boomers Los Angeles guarantees a fun-filled experience.

5. Industry Hills Golf Club at Pacific Palms Resort

For golf enthusiasts, a trip to the City of Industry would not be complete without a visit to the Industry Hills Golf Club at Pacific Palms Resort. This award-winning golf course offers a top-notch golfing experience, with stunning panoramic views of the San Gabriel Valley mountain range. The resort features two championship courses – the Ike and the Babe – both of which are renowned for their challenging layouts and exceptional maintenance. After a round of golf, you can unwind at the Resort’s spa or enjoy a gourmet meal at one of its fine dining restaurants, making it a perfect way to spend a leisurely day in the City of Industry.

Don’t let the name fool you – there’s more to the City of Industry than its industrial setting. Whether you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, a dose of nostalgia, an adrenaline rush, or a relaxing day of golf, this city has something for everyone. So when you’re in the area, make sure to check out these five must-visit attractions in the City of Industry, California.