5 Things To Do In Chino Hills, California

Spread over 44.8 square miles of rolling hills in San Bernardino County, lies the picturesque city of Chino Hills, California. Named one of the top places to live in the USA by Money Magazine, this tranquil town offers a unique blend of wilderness spaces, urban amenities, and outdoor activities. Discover the wealth of hidden gems that this beautiful city has to offer.

1. Explore Chino Hills State Park

The first stop on our tour around Chino Hills has to be its state park, a sprawling 14,000-acres green space, the Chino Hills State Park. Renowned for its natural beauty, the park is home to diverse ecosystems and rich wildlife. When you visit, you are keen on encountering wildflowers, grasslands, sage scrub, and oak woods, not to mention the array of birds and mammals who call the park their home. Hiking, biking, camping or simply picnicking, the choice is yours. What’s certain though is that Chino Hills State Park offers a refreshing respite from city life.

2. Visit the Chino Hills Shopping Mall

After a day in nature, you might fancy a change of pace. For that, we head over to the Chino Hills shopping center, The Shoppes at Chino Hills. Here you’ll find an array of popular shops, upscale brands, restaurants, and entertainment options. This open-air mall embodies the spirit of the town, combining convenience with luxury and comfort. With over 70 shops to choose from, you’ll surely find something to satisfy your retail cravings.

3. Enjoy a Game at Los Serranos Country Club

For golf enthusiasts, Chino Hills is a paradise. The city takes pride in the Los Serranos Country Club, a premier golf destination in Southern California. The country club boasts two 18-hole courses, each offering a unique game experience. If you’re not hitting the green, you can always enjoy a meal at their restaurant or a cocktail at the bar. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, Los Serranos offers an unforgettable golfing experience.

4. Learn History at McCoy Equestrian & Recreation Center

Another unique spot in Chino Hills is the McCoy Equestrian & Recreation Center. This 20-acre facility brings history to life with its well-preserved equestrian arenas, but it doesn’t stop there. The center also offers picnic areas, a children’s playground, and even a gazebo to host events. Visitors can delve into the city’s past, view charming historical displays, or watch horses train in the beautiful surroundings.

5. Treat Your Taste Buds at The Pub at Chino Hills

No tour of Chino Hills would be complete without experiencing its delicious cuisine.The Pub at Chino Hills gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. From mouth-watering pub classics like burgers and pizzas to exceptional dishes with an international twist, the menu is diverse enough to satisfy any palate. Accompanied by a warm, welcoming atmosphere and an extensive selection of craft beers and fine wines, your dining experience is bound to be memorable.

In conclusion, Chino Hills has something to offer for everyone. Nature lovers, shopping enthusiasts, golfers or foodies, this California town is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. So why wait? Start planning your visit and enjoy the best of what Chino Hills has to offer!