5 Things To Do In Cathedral City, California

Located right in the heart of the Coachella Valley, Cathedral City, California, is a desert paradise with its lush golf courses, striking mountain views, and some of the most sublime sunsets in the Western United States. Beyond its natural beauty, however, this desert oasis is also a treasure trove of unique attractions. Here are five must do’s when you find yourself in beautiful Cathedral City.

1. Museum of Ancient Wonders

If you’re a history or archaeology enthusiast, a visit to the Museum of Ancient Wonders should definitely be on your Cathedral City itinerary. This museum showcases detailed replicas of significant archaeological and paleontological finds from around the world. For anyone who has ever been fascinated by ancient cultures, or dinosaurs, this is the place for you. The museum provides a remarkable opportunity to glimpse life as it was millions of years ago, with its fossil skull reconstructions, ancient artifact reproductions, and dinosaur bone collections. Each object tells a unique story, and, under the careful guidance of the knowledgeable staff, visitors are sure to leave with a greater understanding of the ancient world.

2. Agua Caliente Casino Cathedral City

For those who are feeling lucky, or for those simply looking for a night out filled with entertainment and delicious food, the Agua Caliente Casino Cathedral City is a must-visit. This world-class casino offers a wide range of gaming options, from thrilling slot machines, to classic table games like blackjack and poker. But it’s not just about gambling – the casino is also home to various restaurants, offering tantalizing menus that cater to food-lovers of all types. The Agua Caliente Casino is the perfect place to let loose and enjoy a night full of high-stakes fun and delectable dining.

3. Cimarron Golf Resort

For golfing enthusiasts, a visit to Cathedral City would not be complete without teeing off at the Cimarron Golf Resort. This beautiful golf resort, surrounded by remarkable mountain views, offers two distinctly different layouts for golfers of all skill levels. The Boulder Course, a staggering 6,782-yard par-72 course, promises a challenging round for the experienced golfer, while the Pebble Course, a 3,276-yard par-56 course, is perfect for beginners or those wanting a quick round. The resort also boasts a robust pro shop for any gear you might need, and a comfortable clubhouse for post-game relaxation. The landscape, the challenging play, and the top-notch facilities make the Cimarron Golf Resort one of Cathedral City’s must-see gems.

4. Mary Pickford is D’Place

No trip to Cathedral City would be complete without an evening spent at Mary Pickford is D’Place. Named after the legendary silent film actress, this modern-day, geodesic dome cinema plays both the latest blockbusters and beloved classics, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The theatre is equipped with the latest technology, guaranteeing a memorable viewing experience. Beyond the films, Mary Pickford is D’Place also offers a state-of-the-art bowling alley and a dazzling arcade, making the venue an all-around entertainment hub for the whole family.

5. Patriot Park

Last but not least, if you’re looking to unwind, stroll or have a lovely picnic, head to Patriot Park. This charming park, with its verdant trees, large grassy areas, and comfortable picnic facilities, provides the perfect spot for a family outing, a solitary read, or a gentle hike. Particularly notable is the park’s stunning “Healing Field” – an inspiring installation of hundreds of American flags which serves as a poignant tribute to our nation’s veterans. Patriot Park is a tranquil green oasis amid the desert—the perfect place to relax and find peace.

In conclusion, Cathedral City, California, is more than just a picturesque desert town. From the historical marvels at the Museum of Ancient Wonders, to the thrills at Agua Caliente Casino, the golfing fun at Cimarron Golf Resort, the entertainment at Mary Pickford is D’Place, and the tranquility of Patriot park, there’s something for everyone’s taste. So, why not take a trip and bask in the majesty of Cathedral City?