5 Things To Do In Buellton, Californiaty

Seated in the heart of Santa Barbara’s wine country, Buellton, California is a charming town boasting a unique blend of natural beauty, historic attractions, and burgeoning culinary and craft beer scenes. This list will guide you through five must-visit locations in Buellton: The Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co., Mendenhall’s Museum of Gasoline Pumps & Petroliana, DorWood Distillery, Creation Station Fabric & Quilt Shop, and the Brick Barn Wine Estate.

1. Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. Buellton

Known as the home of craft beers, the Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. offers a delightful retreat for enthusiasts. This family-owned establishment is renowned for its handcrafted ales and lagers, brewed using a thoughtful blend of traditional methods and innovative techniques. Guests can sample an array of beers in the modern taproom, featuring a cozy atmosphere and live music. As an added bonus, food truck cuisine is often available to pair with your brew of choice. This is more than just a brewery; it’s a community hub celebrating the vibrant beer culture of Buellton.

2. Mendenhall’s Museum of Gasoline Pumps & Petroliana

Stepping into Mendenhall’s Museum of Gasoline Pumps & Petroliana is like stepping back in time. This unique museum hosts an impressive collection of vintage gasoline pumps, road signs, oil cans, and other auto-related memorabilia. This collection, amassed over half a century, is an ode to American automobile history. It provides an intriguing look at the evolution of the automobile industry and fuel marketing techniques. Whether you’re a fan of classic cars, a history buff, or just a curious visitor, Mendenhall’s Museum promises a nostalgic journey through the past.

3. DorWood Distillery

At DorWood Distillery, artisanal methods meet innovation to create exceptional spirits. This family-run distillery is renowned for its award-winning vodka, gin, and liqueurs, each distilled from locally sourced grapes. Visitors can partake in a guided tour of the distillery and witness the craft of spirit making first-hand. The experience is not only educational but also sensory, with a grand finale of tasting the unique flavors DorWood has to offer. Whether you are a spirit connoisseur or a novice, DorWood Distillery offers a memorable experience.

4. Creation Station Fabric & Quilt Shop

Calling all craft enthusiasts! The Creation Station is a one-stop shop for all things fabric and quilting. This vibrant shop has an extensive inventory that spans traditional and contemporary fabrics, patterns, and quilting accessories. As well as boasting an impressive range, the Creation Station offers classes for beginners and experienced quilters alike. Whether you’re looking to dive into a new hobby or find inspiration for your next project, this creative hub is sure to satisfy your artistic cravings.

5. Brick Barn Wine Estate

Lastly, a visit to Buellton would not be complete without experiencing the grandeur of the Brick Barn Wine Estate. Nestled amidst undulating vineyards and olive groves, this estate offers a truly immersive wine-tasting experience. Guests can explore the 35-acre vineyard, learn about the wine-making process, and, of course, sample the award-winning wines. Their offering spans from elegant whites to robust reds, each revealing the distinct characteristics of the region’s terroir. To cap off a fulfilling day, relax on the estate’s picturesque terrace and soak in the stunning views that the Santa Ynez Valley has to offer.

From the beverages that delight our senses to the nostalgic artifacts that take us on a trip down memory lane, from crafting journeys to wine experiences, Buellton, California proves to be a town of varied experiences. These five places, boasting their unique charm, serve as a testimony to the town’s diverse offerings.