5 Things To Do In Big Bear Lake, California

If you’re planning a trip to the stunning Big Bear Lake in California, prepare to be enchanted by its breathtaking landscapes and myriad activities. From wildlife enthusiasts to adrenaline junkies, this charming mountain town offers something for everyone. Here are 5 must-do experiences in Big Bear Lake that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

1. Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Start your adventure in Big Bear Lake with a visit to the Big Bear Alpine Zoo. This unique, high-altitude wildlife park not only serves as home to over 85 species of indigenous and exotic animals, but it also plays a critical role in rehabilitating and releasing injured wildlife. Here, you can marvel at the diverse array of animals, including grizzly bears, snow leopards, eagles, and wolves, in a setting that mimics their natural habitat. The dedicated, knowledgeable zoo staff offer informative talks, providing insights into the animals’ lives and the zoo’s conservation efforts. A trip to the Big Bear Alpine Zoo is both entertaining and educating, making it an ideal destination for families and wildlife lovers.

2. Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

For thrill-seekers, a trip to Big Bear Lake would be incomplete without experiencing the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain. Hop onto a sled and coast down a quarter-mile long track, surrounded by beautiful pine trees and stunning views of the lake. The exhilarating ride, which lets you control your speed, is a blend of adventure and nature’s beauty. And when the snow melts, Magic Mountain transforms into a water park, offering waterslides and bumper boats for summer fun. The Alpine Slide is a year-round source of excitement and joy for visitors of all ages.

3. Big Bear Bowling Barn

If you’re looking for indoor activities, head to the Big Bear Bowling Barn. This classic bowling alley, enhanced with modern technology, promises an engaging experience for both newbies and seasoned bowlers. Featuring 16 lanes, an arcade, and a full-service bar, the Bowling Barn is a perfect place to unwind with friends or family. Don’t miss their Glow Bowling nights, where the alley is transformed with neon lights and high-energy music, transporting you into a vibrant world of rolling balls and falling pins.

4. Big Bear Snow Play

When winter rolls around, Big Bear Lake transforms into a winter wonderland, and there’s no better place to experience it than at Big Bear Snow Play. As the area’s largest tubing park, it offers thrilling descents down groomed snow lanes on inner tubes—an activity enjoyable for everyone in the family. Thanks to the magic carpet lift, you can avoid the tiring uphill trek for more time sliding and giggling in the snow. Remember to dress warm and bring your snow play spirit for this fun-filled winter adventure!

5. Big Bear Off Road Experience

For a unique perspective of Big Bear Lake’s diverse terrain, take the Big Bear Off Road Experience. With this adventure, you get to navigate a specially equipped 4×4 vehicle across a variety of landscapes, from rocky inclines to muddy trails. Along the way, you’ll soak in stunning views of Big Bear Lake and the surrounding mountains. The professional guides not only ensure your safety but also provide interesting local trivia and historical facts, enhancing your off-road adventure. It’s a perfect way to get your heart racing while appreciating the rugged beauty of Big Bear Lake.

In conclusion, Big Bear Lake, California, is more than just a beautiful destination. It’s a hub of endless adventures, serene nature, and memorable experiences. So pack your bags, and get ready for a trip that will leave you yearning to return. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or it is your first visit, these top 5 activities guarantee a memorable stay in this picturesque mountain town.