5 Things To Do In Beverly Hills, Californiay

World-renowned for its luxury and glamour, Beverly Hills, California, is much more than just a haven for high-end shopping and celebrity spotting. This iconic city is home to a treasure trove of cultural, historical, and natural attractions. When you next find yourself in the zip code 90210, make sure to pack your itinerary with the following five must-do activities in Beverly Hills.

1. Beverly Gardens Park

First on the list is the Beverly Gardens Park. Spanning a whopping 1.9 miles, this linear park is a verdant haven in the heart of the city. Notable for its cactus and rose gardens, the park also features a beautifully lit water fountain, not to mention its iconic Beverly Hills Sign. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for an inviting jogging route, or a family in search of a picnic spot, the Beverly Gardens Park offers an idyllic setting. The striking public art pieces and the annual Beverly Hills Art Show hosted here serve as delightful treats for art aficionados.

2. Greystone Mansion & Gardens: The Doheny Estate

Next up is the majestic Greystone Mansion & Gardens: The Doheny Estate. This historic estate holds a place on the National Register of Historic Places and with good reason. Its lush, manicured gardens provide the perfect backdrop to the stunning Tudor Revival mansion, a place of architectural beauty and storied history. Visitors can wander through the estate’s sprawling 16 acres, basking in the tranquility and grandeur of the surroundings. Though the mansion interior is typically closed to the public, its exterior appearance and the panoramic views of Los Angeles it offers are experiences in themselves.

3. Virginia Robinson Gardens

The Virginia Robinson Gardens is yet another horticultural paradise nestled in Beverly Hills. Once the residence of retail magnate Harry Robinson and his wife Virginia, this six-acre property is now the first estate of Beverly Hills. Visitors can tour the main house, a Beaux-Arts style mansion filled with antiques and other artifacts from around the world. The meticulously maintained diverse gardens, featuring a tropical palm forest, an Italian-style terrace, and a rose garden among others, invoke a sense of being in a botanical wonderland.

4. Beverly Hills Public Library

The Beverly Hills Public Library might seem an unconventional suggestion for a city known for its opulence. But this is far from an ordinary library. Housing an extensive collection of books, audios, and videos, the library is a haven for bibliophiles. Its striking architecture and artwork, alongside the high ceilings and spacious reading areas, make for an inspiring space. The library also hosts a variety of community programs, making it a cultural hotspot for residents and visitors alike.

5. Will Rogers Memorial Park

Rounding off the list is the charming Will Rogers Memorial Park. Named after the beloved actor and philanthropist Will Rogers, this park is known for its beautiful pond filled with turtles and ducks, its well-groomed rose garden, and serene picnic spots. It’s a quiet corner in the bustling city, offering a peaceful respite to its visitors.

So while Beverly Hills might initially charm you with its ritzy allure, take a moment to delve deeper. Beneath its glitz and glamour lies a vibrant city filled with art, history, and remarkable natural beauty. From strolling through lush gardens to immersing oneself in a book at a beautiful library, this city offers an eclectic blend of experiences, making for a truly unique visit.