5 Things To Do In Beaumont, California

Beaumont, California, is a dynamic city nestled in the heart of Riverside County. Steeped in Spanish Colonial history and defined by its scenic beauty, the city promises thrilling experiences for every visitor. Here are five must-visit spots in Beaumont that make this city a truly captivating destination.

1. Albert A. Chatigny Senior Community Center

Designed to promote engagement, cultural exchange, and wellness, the Albert A. Chatigny Senior Community Center is a hub of community life in Beaumont. Named after a local community advocate, the center offers a plethora of activities for adults aged 50 and more. But why should youngsters feel left out? The center also opens its doors for younger individuals and families to enjoy specific events.

From fitness classes like tai chi and Zumba to educational classes covering technology and arts, there is a wide array of activities that cater to various interests and lifestyle. Indulge in social events like monthly luncheons or immerse yourself in the creative world with craft and painting sessions. The center is also home to a senior softball league and provides free health screenings, making it a significant spot to check out in Beaumont.

2. 2nd Street Cinema

For a touch of classic entertainment, head over to the 2nd Street Cinema. This intimate movie theater, known for its old-school aura and friendly staff, offers a distinct blend of the latest releases and nostalgic favorites. Imagine relishing a hot batch of popcorn while immersing yourself in the cinematic world—it sounds like a perfect way to unwind!

2nd Street Cinema also engages the community with various theme nights and special events throughout the year, encouraging local folks and visitors to not just watch the movie but also participate in a cultural dialogue that movies often stimulate.

3. 123 Farm

True to its name, 123 Farm offers an organic experience to visitors. Located within the historic Highland Springs Ranch & Inn, it is Southern California’s largest certified organic lavender farm. Not only does it provide visual delight with its picturesque lavender fields, but it also serves as an educational platform where visitors can learn about organic farming practices and the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Take a tranquil stroll through the lavender fields, participate in a farm tour, or treat your taste buds to their farm-to-table dining experience. Offering everything from lavender honey to aromatic oils, 123 Farm is a true testament of the romance between human faith and nature’s bounty.

4. Beaumont Library District

The Beaumont Library District, serving the community since 1911, is more than just a repository of books. Apart from its diverse collection of books, magazines, DVDs, and digital resources, the library hosts numerous activities for both children and adults. Engage in book clubs, partake in coding workshops, join the summer reading program or enjoy free WiFi for your personal device.

This library’s commitment to enhancing literacy and promoting a love for learning makes it a must-visit destination for every bibliophile, student, and lifelong learner. Its beautiful architecture and peaceful ambiance add to the charm, making it a sanctuary for knowledge seekers.

5. Noble Creek Regional Park

Last but not least, indulge in the refreshing embrace of nature at the Noble Creek Regional Park. Spread over 200 acres, the park is a haven for outdoor lovers. It’s equipped with baseball and softball fields, soccer fields, a community center, and a dog park for your furry friends. Enjoy a leisurely picnic, hike along the trails, or simply unwind amidst the green expanse.

The park is also home to the popular Beaumont Cherry Festival held annually, adding a dash of cultural festivity to the natural setting. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a peace lover, Noble Creek Regional Park caters to all tastes with its wide array of choices.

In conclusion, Beaumont, California, offers a delightful blend of community, cultural, historical, and natural attractions. It’s a city that accommodates every visitor’s taste, making it a must-visit destination in Southern California. So why wait? Set off on your Beaumont adventure today!