5 Things To Do In Barstow, California

Barstow, a gem in the heart of California, offers an array of historical, cultural, and fun-filled attractions sure to delight any traveler. Here are five must-see places to make your trip memorable.

1. Route 66 Mother Road Museum

First on our list is the Route 66 Mother Road Museum. Located in Barstow’s historic Harvey House, this museum is a love letter to America’s iconic highway. As you walk through, you’ll be transported to simpler times when life was all about the open road and the promise of discovery. It’s a treasure trove of vintage artifacts, classic cars, and riveting tales of adventures on the ‘Mother Road.’ An encounter with Route 66’s charm in Barstow is surely one for the books!

2. Outlets at Barstow

Next, indulge in a bit of retail therapy at the Outlets at Barstow. This popular shopping destination draws visitors with an impressive array of high-end brands at discounted prices. It’s the perfect place to find a unique souvenir or update your wardrobe. But shopping isn’t all there is to do here. The gorgeously landscaped outdoor area and a selection of eateries provide a break from the hunt for deals. Whether you’re a bargain hunter or just interested in spending a breezy afternoon, the Outlets at Barstow are a must-visit.

3. Western America Railroad Museum

If you’re interested in locomotives and railway history, the Western America Railroad Museum is your next stop. This museum highlights the importance of railroads in the American West’s development, with an array of vintage rail cars, photographs, and artifacts. The meticulously preserved exhibits tell the story not only of the railroad but of those who built it and lived along its tracks. It’s an immersive dive into a fascinating chapter of American history.

4. Mojave River Valley Museum

Fourth on the list is the Mojave River Valley Museum. This museum is dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural and natural history of the Mojave Desert region. The exhibits span Native American artifacts, pioneer settlements, gold mining operations, and more, giving visitors an in-depth understanding of this unique landscape and its past. The museum also organizes field trips and lectures as part of its educational outreach, helping guests get even closer to the local history.

5. Treasure House Mall

Finally, explore the Treasure House Mall, a labyrinth of curios and collectibles that’s a paradise for antique lovers. This sprawling antique mall houses a wide array of vendors selling all sorts of memorabilia, from vintage toys and clothing to rare books and furniture. Its eclectic mix of items guarantees you’ll find something unique and unexpected. Whether you’re hunting for a specific piece amidst the charming chaos or just browsing the endless aisles, the Treasure House Mall is a delightful way to spend an afternoon in Barstow.

Barstow, California, is a destination that seamlessly combines rich history, scenic beauty, and a vibrant culture. Whether you’re a history buff, a shopping enthusiast, or just a curious wanderer, this town has something for everyone. So come and discover Barstow for yourself!