5 Things To Do In Artesia, California

Artesia, California, is a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Los Angeles County. This culturally diverse city is known for its unique blend of traditions, festivities, attractions, and some of the most succulent food offerings. Here, we’ll take you through the top five things to do in Artesia, guaranteed to give you an experience like no other

1. East West Ice Palace

A trip to Artesia will not be complete without visiting the East West Ice Palace – a symbol of the city’s love for sports. This impressive facility is not just an ice rink, it’s a hub of the community where individuals, families, and school groups come to have fun, work out and cool off in the Californian heat. More than just a recreational facility, the East West Ice Palace has been a training ground for Olympians including the world-renowned figure skater, Michelle Kwan. Whether you’re a professional skater or simply looking for a cool retreat, this Ice Palace has it all.

2. Color My World Art Studio | Kids Art Classes

If your trip includes the little ones, then the Color My World Art Studio is a must-visit. This art school offers an engaging and creative environment for children where they can express their creativity while learning artistic techniques. The studio is not limited to drawing and painting classes, it also offers a variety of craft sessions, summer art camps, and hosts children’s art parties. The instructors at Color My World Art Studio are passionate about nurturing creativity and imagination in children, making it an enriching experience for your young ones.

3. Time 2 Paintball

For those looking for a heart-racing activity that gives you a rush of adrenaline, you should head to Time 2 Paintball. Offering top-of-the-line equipment for rent or purchase, Time 2 Paintball creates a unique environment for people to enjoy an exhilarating game of paintball. Not only is it a fun and challenging sport, but it also is a fantastic way to strengthen teamwork and communication among friends or families. Even if you’re new to the game, not to worry – they have experienced staff ready to assist beginners. It’s a unique and exciting way to spend your afternoon in Artesia.

4. Oaxaca village restaurant

Food is a big part of any trip and when in Artesia, Oaxaca Village Restaurant is a can’t-miss dining experience. Showcasing the rich and varied cuisine of Oaxaca, Mexico, the menu is packed with traditional dishes prepared with great attention to detail. The restaurant features a vibrant mix of Oaxacan staples such as the famous mole negro or tlayudas, all made with fresh local ingredients giving you a true taste of Oaxacan flavor. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant coupled with its authentic Mexican cuisine makes for a wonderful culinary experience in the heart of Artesia.

5. Crystal Visions

Step into a world of mindfulness and spiritual enlightenment at Crystal Visions. This unique shop specializes in a variety of spiritual and metaphysical merchandise. The store features a wide array of crystals, gemstones, tarot cards, and incense, among other items. But it’s not just a shop; Crystal Visions also offers workshops and classes ranging from tarot reading to crystal healing. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are always eager to help, whether that’s in finding the perfect crystal for you or guiding you on your spiritual journey.

From adrenaline rushing activities to soothing art classes, exploring historic sites, and dining at restaurants that offer a glimpse into diverse cultures, Artesia, California has something for everyone. Add these stops to your itinerary and have a memorable time exploring this fascinating city!